I offer coaching to individuals and/or groups who wish to increase their level of consciousness, collaboration, and (consequently) impact. Contact me if you are interested in checking whether we are a potential match.

When working with organizations, I usually spend a few days observing, and interviewing those in relevant roles, before suggesting steps towards agreed upon goals.

There is no quick fix for organizations, and individuals who wish for profound change. Curiosity is at core of such change processes, as is a willingness to experiment with own comfort zones. In fact, our 2019 publication in Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy titled "Battles of the Comfort Zone", argues that skillful challenging is at core of such change processes. This article is currently on the reading list in several universities.

I am currently based in Oslo, and speak both English and Norwegian. I am willing to work digitally partially/occasionally; but never (or very seldom) in the first meetings.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further exploration.


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