I have taken 3 mg Melatonin every single day since 1999, which is a strong antioxydant, and also a strong influencer of circadian rhythms. This article discusses the importance of our circadian rhythms and how disruptions to them can negatively affect our health. It explains that our circadian rhythms are controlled by a "master clock" in the brain's hypothalamus and that there are molecular clocks in cells and organs throughout our bodies that regulate different functions. The article mentions that researchers are exploring ways to tailor treatments to our circadian rhythms by developing drugs that target the clocks themselves. It also notes that these disruptions in circadian rhythm have been linked to conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. The article mentions specific compounds being researched, such as KL001, that affect the length of the circadian period and can have a knock-on effect on other genes and functions in the body. The article suggests that these drugs could help limit the effects of shift work on metabolic health, among other benefits.

Clean water is also one of my strong preferences. Roger Nyvoll and Karen-Margrethe Fjeldberg posess substantial expertise in this realm:

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